Daily Bulletin

District Office Bulletin for Friday, September 20, 2019


A huge thank you to the PTO for the Arctic treats they provided yesterday. We collected 58.78 in pennies with the highest per student average going to the 3rd grade (84 cents) and second place to 4th grade (80 cents) Tomorrow is Black out Thursday ... Bring dimes and wear black. The $10.00 coupon winners were Melinda Christen, Terri Kruse, Jacinta Kruse.

Arctic Adventure Scholastic Book Fair The “Arctic Adventure Scholastic Book Fair” will be coming to the Lewiston Library September 18-20. Students will be able to purchase books from 8-9 am each morning. The fair will also be open from 3-8 pm during parent/teacher conferences Sept. 20.
The coin challenge and dress-up days will be as follows:
PJ Tuesday (bring pennies to wear pajamas)
White-Out Wednesday (bring nickels to wear white)
Black-Out Thursday (bring dimes to wear black)
Flannel Friday (bring quarters to wear flannel)
The top two classes in the coin challenge will earn an Arctic Party. The two teachers will have a white-out war with whipped cream! The money will be used to purchase books for our school. Scholastic Possible Fund matches every donation to distribute to children who don’t have books.
Our goal is $2500 in book sales! If we reach the goal, Mrs. Smith has agreed to dress-up as Sven (from Frozen) for a day!

Weekly Lunch Menu Friday (20)
PB & Jelly Sandwich, Chips, Fruit & Veggies

Congratulations to the following students for representing Lewiston at the Area 6 Range Judging Event on Wednesday: Becca deKoning, Gabe Garcia, Johnathan Burgett, Jaden McHenry, and Shawn Salts. The team finished 13th in the junior division. Special congrats to Becca for posting the top Lewiston score.

Lunch Menu
Monday (23)
Walking Taco, Black Beans, Fruit & Veggies
Tuesday (24)
Chicken Nuggets, Potatoes & gravy, Fruit & Veggies
Wednesday (25)
Breakfast for Lunch, French Toast, Fruit & Veggies
Thursday (26)
BBQ Meatballs, Fruit & Veggies
Friday (27)
PB & Jelly, Chips, Fruit & Veggies

Friday (20)
Parent Teacher Conferences 3 PM - 8PM
Saturday (21)
Lewiston JV VB Tournament, 8 AM
Sunday (22)
Monday (23)
Tuesday (24)
Wednesday (25)
SCC Rep to see Seniors @ 2:45 pm
JHVB vs Pawnee City @ 2:30 pm
Thursday (26)
JV/V Vb @ FCSH 6 pm

JH/HS MAP Schedule Here’s the JH/HS MAP schedule for next week.
Wednesday, Sept. 25
Science -- 8:30-10:00
Math -- 1:00-3:00
Thursday, Sept. 26
Language Arts -- 8:30-10:00
Reading -- 1:00-3:00
12th Grade Mrs. Barr*/Mr. Knapp/Mr. Iverson (If Mr. Knapp has specials Mr. Iverson can stay.)
11th Grade Mr. Ashe*/Mrs. Campbell
10th Grade Mr. Wissenburg/Mr. Gabehart*
9th Grade Mr. Loshbaugh*/Mr. McNeil
8th Grade Mrs. Smith*/Ms. Liberty/Mrs. Houston
7th Grade Mr. Barnes*/Ms. Anderson

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